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Timeslips TSRemote diagram for v9 and higher - August 30, 2001
This is a graphic illustration, along with step-by-step instructions, for the processing of data between a remote Timeslips computer and the main system. The first phase is to set up the initial remote database, and the second phase is to exchange data between the remote and the main system on an ongoing basis.

Beyond Management News Bulletin Fall 2001 - August 29, 2001
View our newsletter containing info on year-end reporting, classes in Microsoft Word for law firms, Timeslips reporting classes including the creation of billing and collection realization reports, Time Matters and LexisNexis, and news about improved links between Timeslips and QuickBooks.

Word Section Formatting - June 23, 2001
From macro and word processing expert Eric Crowther, this document is a help file with tips for working with the "sections feature" in Microsoft Word. Use this document in conjunction with the Headers and Footers tip.

Word Headers and Footers - June 23, 2001
From macro and word processing expert Eric Crowther, this document is a help file with tips for setting up headers, footers, and page numbering in Microsoft Word.

Steps of a Billing Cycle - June 09, 2001
This checklist is intended to offer a guideline for steps to take in completing a periodic billing cycle. These are merely suggestions. Each firm has their own methods and priorities. There is no single "correct way" to manage your billing and financial system.

Timeslips Keyboard Shortcuts - June 08, 2001
Some of our clients tell us that they'd prefer to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, especially when doing data entry into the slip entry screen (time or expense entries). This is a diagram that shows a number of keyboard shortcuts.

Timeslips Rate Level diagram - June 03, 2001
The management of rates for different timekeepers and different clients can be a source of frustration and inaccuracy in your firm. Timeslips offers powerful rate management capability, and this document helps illustrate and explain the Timeslips Rate Level feature.

Beyond Management News Bulletin Summer 2001 - May 24, 2001
View our newsletter containing info on split billing, and also linking and syncing your software.

Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL) Suspense Entries - April 01, 2001
Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL) can be a very effective tool for some firms. It helps categorize revenue in the general ledger. For example, you may want to track fees versus costs. When using TAL, there may occasionally appear "suspense" entries. These are typically caused by overpayments from your client. These entries are necessary for the successful operation of TAL, but they confuse some people. This document helps explain the suspense entries for both cash and accrual basis.



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