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Timeslips 2010 and Windows 7 - January 07, 2010
A statement from Sage Software about their testing of Timeslips 2010 on Windows 7. This also includes comments about compatibility with Outlook, Peachtree and QuickBooks.

Timeslips 2010 - Examples of Applying New Features - June 22, 2009
Timeslips 2010 was released by Sage Software in June of 2009. In terms of improvements under the hood, and also in terms of new features for daily use of the program and its reporting capability, this is one of the more appealing releases in a number of years. This document shows two report examples using the new features for New Custom Field Types, and also for Calculated Fields. One report example is a Billing Realization report, and the other is a Budget report. The entire list of new features in 2010 is also included.

Achieving Email Management Nirvana - June 07, 2009
Studies indicate that one of the top technology challenges for firms is managing emails. This presentation offers suggestions for both individual users, as well as firm wide email management. For the firms, the focus is on your document management system, with examples using Worldox and Time Matters. This material also covers tracking time on emails for billing, spam filtering, and security.

Automating Your Law Firm: Thoughts on Legal Software - February 01, 2009
This article, written by Neil Quateman and Dan Henrickson, is published in The Bottom Line, a bi-monthly publication of the Law Practice Management and Technology (LPMT) section of the State Bar of California and is intended to be a general discussion regarding software categories that a law firm may consider using. The article is about making software decisions after defining your firm's requirements. Covering programs such as general office programs, networking and practice-specific programs. Neil was a voting member for three years, and is currently a special advisor to the executive committee of the State Bar's LPMT section.

Tech Support - September 06, 2008
The State Bar of California has a book available called The California Guide to Opening and Managing a Law Office ( One of the chapters, titled Tech Support, was written by Neil Quateman and Dan Henrickson, and is a discussion of how to get benefit from the support offerings from software developers, hardware manufacturers, and independent consultants. This was also published in The Bottom Line, a bi-monthly publication of the Law Practice Management and Technology (LPMT) section of the State Bar of California. Neil was a voting member for three years, and is currently a special advisor to the executive committee of that LPMT section.

Timeslips and Time Matters linking problems - February 21, 2008
This document is aimed at firms using both Time Matters and also Timeslips. It also assumes that you are linking the two products. A problem may occur which prevents the successful transfer of data between the two programs when executing a linking action while both programs are open concurrently on the same station. Suggestions for fixing this problem are offered. Although these techniques have been successful at a variety of installations, it may not cure the problem at your site. Thanks go to consultants Robert Rice from Texas, Geri Martin from Illinois, and Caren Schwartz from Connecticut (among others) for their vigilance in pursuing and compiling these solutions.

Billing by Task in Timeslips - August 04, 2006
This document is for firms needing to bill by task and needing to produce an invoice showing a summary entry for each task. In some cases, a firm may want to make adjustments to the amount that will be billed for each task. Through these examples, one can choose which best meets the goals of the firm. The different methods will affect (1) ease of management, (2) aesthetics of the bill, or (3) preservation of productivity reporting. The three methods are offered with their pros and cons.

PCLaw Preparation for Initial Setup - May 16, 2004
PCLaw can be used as a firm-wide practice management application including billing, general ledger, vendors, contacts, calendar, and e-mail and document management. As a result it takes planning, gathering of information, and timing to implement the system. This outline is intended to assist in this process. Here you will find the table of contents for our implementation guide. If you'd like the full outline, please contact us by e-mail (the e-mail link is on our home page), and we'll be happy to send it to you.

The State of Today's Billing Systems - April 12, 2004
Lubrication for the engine room. Neil Quateman discusses features and functions in several different billing systems including Billing Matters, PCLaw, and Timeslips. This article originally appeared in The Bottom Line, a publication of the Law Practice Management and Technology section of the State Bar of California. Neil is a member of the executive committee of that section.

Timeslips Conversion Checklist - September 10, 2001
Are you upgrading to Timeslips v9.x or higher from Timeslips v8 or earlier? When our clients ask us to handle an upgrade, this is the checklist that we use. It includes data maintenance procedures to perform on the older data, plus reports to run in both the older data and then again in the new converted data. Those reports are then compared for accuracy. This updated version contains hardware requirements for the MSDE and MS SQL database options available in v10.1 and higher.



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